Where is the where is it book?

A boat, regardless of size is an easy place to lose anything. Whilst you might remember where you put something a few days after you have squirrelled it away in a locker….. you won’t in a few weeks time. So that is the purpose of a “where is it book”. Get a book with an alphabetical index. Each location (locker/ storage space) has a name or number and you need to religiously record where you have put it under the first letter of the item. You can at a later date put this on a spreadsheet when you have more time if you want. But the key to this working is that you record everything when you put it away. This strategy has served us well on both our boats – except when we lost the where is it book for a while!

I have seen other boat owners who have had white board on the inside of locker lids and then write on it the content of the locker.

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