The Launch

20th May

Tuesday afternoon I finished work and after a quick change of clothes, it was off to the airport to get the plane back to the UK. WP_20140521_07_11_22_Pro

This was going to be a whistle stop tour – first stop was to Liz’s neighbour in the UK who had kindly retrieved all our sailing boxes from our attic. After a 30 min pitstop here and we were back on the road, arriving at Cossington ( nr Bridgewater) to stay with Jayne at about 11pm. As we were on Finnish time still (1am) – we were barely coherent. Launch day is tomorrow – we are very excited! I just wish my father could be here to see it….he too would have loved seeing her come to life. But if he hadn’t passed on his love of wood and sailing we probably wouldn’t have a Rustler…..

21st May

Seeing Carra's name for the first time

Seeing Carra’s name for the first time

On the road by 0730 and we were flying down towards Falmouth. It was a glorious sunny day as we drove into the yard and had our first glimpse of Carra and she looked magnificent.


Normally we go straight into the office to see Nick and Adrian – but the temptation to look around her was just too great. The artwork on her name is just right which is a relief given the earlier mix up. Up on deck John was attaching the screen which had just arrived last night. The angle was just perfect. With grins as wide as our faces we looked around – she had exceeded all our expectations – she looked stunning both down below and up on deck. It was definitely going to be a day of superlatives.


Carra touches the water

Sue arrived to name the boat and soon Carra was making her way to the slip. Simon who had done most of the engineering confided that whilst it was the best day for us – it was always the worst day for him as now is the day he sees if it all works! We had every confidence it would. He has always been so generous with his time when we have been at the yard, explaining what’s happening and the next stage of the process.

So just 2 years after our sail on Whinchat, our dream had come true and Carra is lowered into the water and is soon tied up.


I name this ship Carra


Celebrating with Nick and Adrian

She can only be afloat during HW – so we don’t have too long.  Mags, Sue and I clamber onboard, I pop the cork and Sue pours the champagne over her bow as she Sue names her – we all toast Carra. Quick photo shoot and we all leap off. With Nick at the helm and Simon on board he skillfully maneuvers her off and we watch as she gracefully disappears off to the Marina at Mylor.

Just after launch

Just after launch

We drop off a few crates of beer for all the guys in the yard who have worked on her and then off to the pub for a celebratory Fish and Chips at Pandora’s Inn.

By the time we get to Mylor, Nick and Simon have left which is just perfect, as this is the first time we have been onboard on our own. For the next hour, we just chatted to Sue and relaxed in the sun and she started to feel like a home from home……. what a perfect day.

22nd May

It is only 48 hours since we left for the UK and we are back in Finland. Every time I close my eyes I just replay a bit of yesterday and smile – it really was such a special day.

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