2018 Facts and Figures



Miles sailed: 1831nm
Days on board: 140 days
No of different harbours visited: 65
% hours motored: 58%




The cost per month of cruising including all costs was £4079 per month. By far the biggest cost is the winter costs which are 34% of the total, which was not helped by a very low Pound /SEK when we had to pay our bill. It is cheaper not to store your boat in a shed and keep it outside over the winter. Whilst most Swedes do this, we like having peace of mind that Carra is safe in the winter storms, as we don’t easily have the chance to check on her.



Boat: incl repairs, eqpt, chandlery

Fuel: Diesel and gas
Boat Fees: Insurance, memberships,

Medical: Medicines and visits to the Doctor and Dentist

Marina & Mooring: All winter costs including removing, storing and reinstalling the mast, cradles and storing in a cold shed. Summer berthing and harbour fees – We chose to keep our summer berth for convenience.

Living expenses: Food, entertainment, transportation, misc

By Country

Harbour Fees:

Sweden: £11 average per day. With so many natural anchorages on Sweden’s east coast – you only need to enter a harbour when you chose to. 46% time in free harbours/ anchorages.
Finland: £11 average per day. Slight less natural anchorages than Sweden, however we could have anchored more but due to picking people up, certain places we wanted to visit, we spent more time in paid harbours. 37% in free harbours/anchorages.
Estonia: £23 average per day. Whilst there might be some anchorages if the wind is in the right direction – anchoring opportunities are very limited. 0% free harbours/anchorages.
Latvia: £25 average per day. No anchoring possibilities.