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The Cattle Prodder

Mags gets sea sick in anything above sea state smooth. Being tied up in a marina is no guarantee that she will escape the dreaded mal de mer. On one occasion after a bouncy lunch stop in Cowes, Mags showed her colours as we past Royal Yacht Squadron.

CaptureThen we discovered the cattle prodder…. Worn on the wrist it produces a small electrical current – which does leave a small mark when being worn (hence our name for it) – but it works and actually works – so much so that Mags can cook down below. It has transformed her enjoyment of sailing.

The comfort quest version is no longer available but the Relief Band works the same way. If you do consider getting one make sure it has replaceable batteries – there is one that doesn’t.

Originally designed to combat nausea that comes from pregnancy and chemotherapy. It emits a gentle electrical signal that interferes with the nerve activity that causes nausea. It has 5 strengths and the rougher the sea the higher you set it at. It takes about 10-15 mins to work its magic.