The Name?


We were getting nowhere on deciding a name so in early December, we gave ourselves a week to decide on the name – that week turned in to several weeks. We eventually narrowed it down to Ituna, Ituna Mhor and Carra. In mid jan we finally decided on Carra which is Gaelic for Friend. Mags grew up in Kintyre so it was appropriate that it was the name of an Island on the West coast of Kintyre ( though it is spelt Cara) but also Mags sister lived in Carradale – so we felt it had many special connections. We have joked that we should all the tender Me Home, as in Carra Me Home….


Chart Table and Galley Area

3rd Dec

Saw Gavin (from Penrose Sails) at Rustler today. We discussed with Nick and Gavin that we wanted a curved screen if possible….. I mean how difficult could it be? Well…. little did we know……

The boat is coming on leaps and bounds but the really exciting news is that the deck (lid) is going on tomorrow. How lucky are we to be able to see that. The tanks are now in – which means the floors will be going down soon. Our yacht has a Godmother who is going to launch her – so Sue came to see her Godyacht – and we then grabbed lunch at the Marina.


The hull is some 50m away


The Galley Doors


The hull is lifted into place

4th Dec

It really is beginning to look like a yacht – the deck is now inches from the hull having spent a couple of months at the other end of the shed. The edge of the deck is then trimmed to fit the hull – and it spends the rest of the day going up and down on the hoists with the bulkheads being trimmed until it fits like a glove.


20th Dec

It is always exciting to receive photos. We zoom in to examine every last detail to see what has changed.

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