Whistle Stop Tours and Fish and Chips

7th Oct 2013

R4228_BulkheadsWhilst I was in the States, Mags visited the yard on her own. The jigs have now been freed up from Hull 29 and they have moved them over and they have started to put the bulkheads in.


8th Nov

P1060279Another whistlestop tour to Falmouth but it is always worth it – she is really taking shape now and you can see the layout of the boat and the different cabins and areas. The deck is now out of its mould. It is very strange being able to sit in the cockpit with the hull about 50 m away.


We left John with a drawing or our mug rack and spice holder. We were still undecided about the colour of the canvas so went to visit Quivira II another green Rustler in Port Pendennis Marina – in the end we have chosen Oyster.

We had lunch in our favourite Pub Pandora in with Sue, it was great to see her looking so well. Plus we had some delicious Fish and Chips – which are a real highlight of every visit – it is definitely something we miss in Finland.


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