Hauklahti, Helsinki and Hello to many Friends

We were very excited about arriving in Haukilahti Marina – it was the marina that was about 5 mins walk from our old house. From about an hour out we started to recognise the surroundings and familiar landmarks.

The island we used to go to for BBQs, the water tower, the islands we use to Nordic ski to and the island we had had a puncture on our canoe – it all built to a sense of coming home. Soon we could see our rock that we used to walk to on many evenings and watch the summer evening sun. The entrance to the marina was shallow so I was trying to focus on that – whilst still looking around soaking up the moment. Just as we arrived 2 boats left from the jetty by the restaurant and we were able to park slap bang outside the restaurant – just as we had imagined it would be – every time we used to pass the marina when we lived here.

DSC06253I used to cycle round the marina on my way to work in the summer and would imagine one day Carra would be parked there. We had made it and we were both grinning like Cheshire Cats.

WP_20180701_20_10_24_ProWe were going to be here for a week – which would allow us to relax and not have to look at the weather. Piia was back in town so popped in for a coffee. The first 2 days I spent at my favourite wood working place and I managed to build a shelf and make a few other bits and pieces. Followed by a varnishing session on the boat. It was very relaxing.

Each evening we had a the chance to catch up with friends. Anne and Jussi our first evening. Some former colleagues from Nokia the next: Jarkko, Mikko, Tony, Suska, Marko and Heikki, then Catherine – hearing about her adventures in Nepal, Our neighbours: Mikko and Miia, and finally Chris on Sunday. We also fitted in a visit to Sharon and Andy – we saw Andy briefly before he had to fly – and he would be staying in our house that night. It also gave us the time to cycle round our favourite cycle routes. Having our own base made us really feel that we were back living there.

We also visited Merja and Saku and their lovely apartment overlooking the harbour. We went for a walk to a lovely restaurant in the woods for lunch in Lauttisaari.

We had met them on the Rally earlier in the summer. But soon it was time to move on – well except the weather wasn’t cooperating and we stayed an extra night.

The day we were due to leave it threw it down with rain but thankfully by the time we left the rain had been replaced by some really dreich weather: low mist, dull, overcast, cold and miserable – but at least it wasn’t raining. We picked our way through the rocks into Helsinki Harbour – avoiding the numerous ferries. Sadly the view of the harbour was very limited given the weather but we were soon tied up in the harbour of NJK with its splendid old Clubhouse.

A white wooden building with a beautiful green roof – it was always a place where we would go for a special meal. So it was fitting that we would bring Carra here.

I took the ferry over to the many land to pick up some supplies then we had Bamse onboard for a drink before eating in the Clubhouse. The building oozes history – silver trophies and foreign yacht club burgees adorn the walls.

It is 10 years to the days since Issy died – so we raise a glass to her. I cant believe it is 10 years and yet sometimes it feels longer.

One comment

  • You two look so pleased to be back in Finland. I think you’re grinning in every photo! Shame the weather has turned but hopefully it will improve.


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