The best cure for seasickness is to stand under a tree, but if that isn’t an option….

When the sea state goes from smooth to slight, Mags generally starts to be “stomach aware” – the first stage of seasickness. For those fellow sufferers, you will be please to know that you do get your sea legs. Mags managed the entire trip round Britain without being seasick, though there was the odd time she did feel grim. When going round Britain we used Sturgeon and Scopoderm patches, the latter has the advantage of working even when you cant keep anything down. But with these she did feel drowsy. However, since then Mags sailing has been transformed with the Cattle Prodder as I call it or Relief Band to give it is full name. A drug free solution – what is not to like!

However, you still need to be sensible and here are Mags’ top tips to reduce the likelihood of seasickness:

Minimise the amount of time spent performing tasks down below:

  • Prepare lunch in advance before leaving the harbour
    Use food flasks, which can be filled with hot food if sailing overnight and it is likely to be rough
  • Prior to a trip we would fill a flask with boiling water. Our flask dispenses water a push button top. It is safety too, when you are heeling you don’t need to defy gravity when filling a cup, as you can take the cup to the flask and not the flask or kettle to the cup. This is very useful even if you don’t suffer from sea sickness.

Keep warm

Perhaps the most important – pick your battles: if you know it is going to be rough stay in harbour. With any extended trip you have more time that your average 2 week holiday Cruiser. But do ensure you are planning to allow for time for non sailing days.

Keep a packet of ginger biscuits to nibble on when you become stomach aware

Have a spare battery for the cattle prodder ready to hand

Keep drinking

Regular medicines: If you are taking medicines make you sure you take them as prescribed so have them handy

Set up your boat – part of the rational of putting the chart plotter in the cockpit by the companion way with both our boats was to enable Mags to ensure that we were safe even if she was not prepared to venture down below

Get horizontal: When venturing down below get horizontal as soon as possible.

But remember….
The first fear with seasickness is you are going to die – the second fear is you aren’t.

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