At Anchor in the Archipelago

21st May

The extra distance we had covered yesterday meant that the start was more civilized. We cast off at 8 am and pootled out of the harbour. There was absolutely no wind, so for the first few hours we motored but gradually the wind filled in and we were able to sail. Our original destination had been Figeholm but keen to make use of the extra miles we decided on a anchorage on the island of Huvfallso , having had open water for most of trip so far we were now entering one of the archipelagos.


So we picked our way through the rocks to find a very sheltered spot. We initially had difficulty setting the anchor and had to try 3 times before we managed to get it to hold. So I dug in the anchor and we had a relaxing afternoon.

The wind died towards the evening and the sounds of the archipelago are very special, there were no man made sounds at all, just a cacophony of birds song- quite remarkable.

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