Bacon Butties for Breakfast

20th May

We awoke before sunrise – which meant we got some great photos of the lighthouse bathed in warm golden light.

P1070206Going back out through the tight entrance was less heart stopping as it was flat calm and as we left the harbour we were watched by seal. We had breakfast enroute – bacon butties – they really hit the spot.

We had a fantastic sail up Kalmarsund as we had finally we lost the Baltic Swell. So despite the light winds we could sail. We had blue skies, the wind direction was from behind us and we were making a great pace. For the whole day we were sailing downwind but didn’t have to gybe once – despite the wiggly route through the tight channel at Kalmar and past the rather grand Kalmar Castle.


 We were making such good progress that we decided to carry on past Kalmar where we had been due to stop and we carried on to Borgholm another 20 nm up the coast of Orland – a very long island off the east coast of Sweden.

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