Parked Next to a Lighthouse

19th May

It was an early start with the sun barely up and the tranquility of a village still asleep. I headed off to the bakery for some freshly baked rolls and a loaf and then we were off. The night before the sea had been flat calm with the island sheltering this side of the island from the swell….. but over night the wind had changed direction and there was an uncomfortable swell this side. There would have been enough wind to sail without the swell but the waves were just at the wrong angle so for the first few hours we had to motor. Finally the swell decreased and we got the sails up and make great speed towards the island of Utklippan. By now the wind had increased to 26 knots so we were steaming along.


The island is literally a collection of rocks, 12 miles of the coast of Sweden on which stands a light house and a harbour blasted out of the rock where in days gone by pilot vessels used to lie awaiting their next ship.

The 2 entrances to the basin
The 2 entrances to the basin

It has 2 entrances and you are advised to take the most sheltered one. The proximity of the rocks is far too close for comfort and with a sea running through the entrances it was an interesting entrance….but well worth it. We were the only boat there – and we were surrounded by nesting birds so you couldn’t explore the island without risking a serious dive bombing attack from an irate gull – not that there is much to the island.



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