Off to Denmark or so we thought

14th May We didn’t manage to leave on time – but the joy of the Baltic is that there are no tides so it just meant we would arrive later in the day. But we did leave by 0900 and by 0930 we had the sails set en route for Ronne on Bornholm, a Danish Island in the middle of the Baltic. The journey was 128nm – so our biggest trip so far in Carra. By the time we lost sight of Fehmarn Island the skies had cleared and with a beam reach – it was champagne sailing – and we were doing between 6 and 7.5 knots. Some of the best sailing we have had so far on Carra. P1070154Our last sight of land was the impressive cliffs off Klintholm (Denmark). Frustratingly the AIS which allows us to see ships was working intermittently – despite reading the handbook I couldn’t fathom out what was wrong. As the sun set we were goose winged (a sail on each side) and making a steady 6 knots. It had been a great days sailing

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