Out into the sun


Mags has been wheeling and dealing getting various discounts from the chandleries – though it appears to be getting blood from a stone.

15th May

15th May

Carra is out of the shed and looking stunning – it was really exciting to receive the photos from Adrian.

We also saw her mast being erected. The mast looked huge! Only 6 days til she is launched

15th May mast 1

With our launch date now imminent we now have to start gathering boat bits from various parts of the UK. When we left the UK we hadn’t intended buying a boat til we came back – so had boat stuff distributed around the UK….. we now had to collect it from friends, our house, my mothers and bring some back from Finland.

One of the challenges is that my work situation is very unsecure at the moment – we were due to be in Finland til Feb 15 and actually we have been enjoying it so much that I was hoping to be extended and then would bring the boat out to the Baltic, but I am not sure if that will happen now and it might actually be Seattle. So we will keep the boat at Falmouth until we have some certainty.

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